Last Step: Select Your Design

(You can change it later.)

Every template is fully customizable. Just pick one you like, and your website will be ready in no time!


Clean, photography-oriented minimalist design, that allows your visitors to focus on your images. Choose the one from 7 unique gallery types that fits your personality.


Beautiful design for couples planning their wedding, wedding organizers or photographers. Gorgeous colors to match the most important moments in life.

Elegant Groomer

If you prefer an elegant and modern look, this black-dominated template will catch your and your clients’ attention.


Carefully chosen colors to complement your stunning photographs. Great choice for everyone who prefers a clean and modern look.


MusicBand sets the mood for your fans to feel just as connected when they visit your website as they are at your concert.


Elegant and versatile design, that radiates softness and peace. "Whitesmoke" background with modern and easy to read fonts.


Every coffee-lover will adore this warm and cozy design. The perfect combination of chocolate colors makes your visitors want to stay on your site.

Modern Groomer

Perfect for pet groomers who follow the latest trends. Your customers will love your autumn colored website, just keep scrolling and everything is there.


If you want to attract attention, use your favourite colorful picture as a background of your website. The transparent content area will let your main photo glow.


This is our number one choice, go ahead and use our Smartagon design if you fancy.

Your best friend

If you are client-oriented, always focusing on your customers’ and their best friends’ needs, this template is the perfect choice for you.

Luxury Homes

This elegant design can function as a glorious showcase and is perfect to target high-end customers. The secret is in the details.

Happy Pets

Do you have a happy and welcoming pet-grooming salon? Choose this template and match your website’s energetic atmosphere to your salon’s.


This perfect minimalist design will give you the classy and professional look you always dreamed about. Perfect for photographers and art galleries.
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